Fitness and Bodybuilding

To its practitioners bodybuilding is a lifestyle that has analyzed under the aspect of maintaining a habit of life based on physical exercise and healthy eating can be very healthy.

During the years that bodybuilding spread to Europe and the United States in the forties and fifties there was a lot of anonymous practitioners, for which the health and welfare were primary objectives. Then, with little knowledge of diet and training principles, acquire large muscle masses was complicated. Like any physical activity, excess is bad.

Sometimes personal disorders coupled with a haunting vision of sport can lead to pathological disorders, important though rare, such as the músculodismorfia or vigorexia.

Bodybuilding is the process of enlargement of muscle fibers through the combination of weight training (weight lifting), increased caloric intake and rest.


To achieve extraordinary muscular development, builders must focus on three basic lines of action:

* Weight Lifting Resistance: Weight training causes changes induced in muscle fibers. This is known as microtrauma. These small lesions in the muscle contribute to the fatigue experienced after exercise.

Repair of microtrauma (role played by so-called “satellite cells” found around the muscle fibers) is part of muscle growth (hypertrophy). For bodybuilding training routines are typically used in organized training sets and repetitions, along with temporary planning training (in micro-, meso-and macrocycles).

* A high quality diet by incorporating additional proteins: the growth and repair, however, can not occur without adequate nutrition. A bodybuilder has higher protein requirements than those of a sedentary person to repair the damage caused by weight training. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates are important for energy intake during training.

The proportions commonly recommended nutritional level are variable, depending on the biotype of the athlete (ecto-, meso-or endomorph). Very vague, could be the following:

or 60% carbohydrate
or 30% protein
or 10% fat

* A proper rest to facilitate growth. Without adequate rest and sleep the body is no opportunity to rebuild and repair damaged fibers. Are needed at least eight hours of rest for a bodybuilder to be in good condition at the next training session.

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