Bodybuilding 10 keys to set beginners workout

10 keys to set a beginners’ program


Within the weight training context, sport psychologists refer to that self assessment as the understanding of our motivational state. In other words, we need to find out what motivates and demotivates us. The first thing tends to be obvious; the second is what makes us leave the gym bag at home and go for a walk.

I have known people whom intended to loose 5 Km of fats, only to forget all about it when something told them they would never make it. That initial motivation was so weak that a simple comment was strong enough to stop it.

Other people are perfectionist who prefer to be sedentary than active, feeling that if they exercise they will always be far from the body they dream of. Then we have the almost-losers, whom they set so low goals even thinking that heaven could be the limit.
Understanding what motivates us is the first step for being able to go along with the program.


Once we analyze our motivational style, we can start doing the things we consider useful to our purpose. For instance, setting accurate goals and the steps to achieve them. Setting long-term goals and how to be “all right” in about a year, simplifies determining the short-term goals measured per month, weeks and even individual trainings.


Once you set your goals, you will need a program to fulfil them.
Once, a woman frustrated by her workout program asked me for advice. She wanted to tone up, but after four months she could appreciated no results at all.

When I asked her about her training program she told me she was doing her anaerobic race interval type three times a week (big mistake!) Her goal was to look fine in a bathing suit; in consequence her program should have combined weight lifting training and anaerobic workout plus a proper nutrition.
Inappropriate programs lead to failure. If you need a trainer assessment to help you design your workout program, hire someone’s services.


Make a list of the most significant people in you life –people whose opinions you desire, appreciate and respect. Use them as a base to keep yourself concentrated in your workout program. Something as simple as supporting words or partnership during your training can be useful. Until those significant people understand your workout regime and nutritional strategies, and become your most important supports. Who knows, they’ll maybe follow you and start training too.


Visualization provides us the power of using thoughts, images and feelings to create our own reality. By visioning the desired shape of our body, we increase the possibility of creating it. Visualization also allows us to pursue our physical potential by creating mental images of how we could probably be; a fact that increases up our motivation.


Elite Athletes live and breathe sport. You not need to reproduce their dedication’s level, but those individuals can teach you a valuable lesson. Read all you can about weight training, bodybuilding, anaerobic exercise and nutrition. Go to the specialized seminars. Knowledge increases motivation, which leads to a deeper dedication.


Your nervous system has a surprising and sophisticated relationship with the rest of your body. Every time we move, the brain floods with thousands of signals. Then it makes its choices and redirects those signals through the nervous system, where they decompose into simpler and more precise messages so each muscular fibre could understand them.

This helps to understand the muscular-mental connection that many champions culturist refer. In order to improve your training, hear what your body says to your brain and vice versa. The more conscious you are about the muscle-brain connection, the better you will be for the training you are about to do.


You work really hard at the gym, after spending your time at work or studding. Why not give yourself the reward to help you follow the program? I suggest all beginners have a whim at least once a month, no matter the results you get. Setting a difficult goal (for example, loose 10 Kg of fats) which we must score before we give ourselves a reward, will make it just impossible.


The fact of someone defining success in being able to make bench-press with 200 kg or having a 50cm arm, does not mean it has to be the same for you. You have to find a personal definition of success and being able to celebrate once you make it. People who take their time to enjoy small events in the midst of a higher success tend to be more motivated to keep up their training than those who are hardly satisfied.

Bodybuilding is not a night-to-day event neither a series of automatic changes. It is about taking an oath to a healthy lifestyle including training and nutrition. Do not pay attention to professional bodybuilders included in this magazine and feel upset when you see it is impossible for you to be like them.

Most elite bodybuilders have years of keeping their lifestyle. Having genetics on their side it’s only and extra advantage.
Go along with the flood and you’ll see significant changes in your body’s shape.

Take notes in a diary of all things related to your training and measures and, in the end, you won’t even need a mirror to appreciate the improvements provided by your diet and training.

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