Bodybuilding it’s not the workout program

The majority of us have read countless bodybuilding and fitness magazine ar ticles and books, watched every DVD and video on training and nutrition, and tried every workout program, diet, and supplement under the sun. Yet, the vast majority of you reading this particular article still have not achieved the bodybuilding and fitness goals you set for yourself.

Well, if the very same programs that have produced chiseled, muscular, healthy physique for others have not done the same for you, then what is the answer? That’s right, its you!

That may seem a little “in your face” and maybe it is. However, as a fitness professional my job to help get you the results you really want and to stay motivated while working towards those results. It’s not to be nice (although I am a pretty nice guy too). The truth is that just about ANY muscle building or fat-loss program out there will work to some degree. Yes, some are more effective, efficient, and safer than others, but they all will work.

Let’s say that I have two clients; Client A and Client B (yeah, I know, real creative). I can put Client A on my absolute best periodization macrocycle training routine, perfectly timed and proportioned elite athlete level nutrition program, and top of the line nutritional supplements, while I get Client B working on a very basic weight training program, eating 5-6 small frequent meals throughout the day, drinking lots of water, and taking only a multi vitamin and some whey protein.

Who is going to get better results? Client A of course, right? How about if Client B is more focused, more consistent, and more diligent about following through every day on his program compared to client A? Client B every single time!

Some personal trainers may argue with me and that’s OK. That’s because they want people to think that they have the “secret recipe” for success and you need to hire them to find out what that is. I have news for you. There is no secret recipe! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that personal trainers and fitness professionals are worthless.

I would be an idiot to since that’s my profession! However, I believe the role of a fitness professional is to properly educate clients on safe, effective training and proper nutrition, and most importantly to make sure clients actually follow through with the program. It all comes down to motivation and accountability.

So now that we know it’s not the program, my advice is to find a training and nutrition program that gets you excited and motivated. Have a fitness professional look over it to make sure it is safe and effective (it probably is), and then GO FOR IT! If I have a client who is completely fired up about a new hot workout routine or nutrition plan then I’ll help them implement it, get the most out of it, and hold them accountable to follow through (as long as it is safe and effective). I don’t care if it’s the Zone Diet, Atkins, Mediterranean Diet, or spaghetti squash and grapefruit diet.

It’s the underlying principles, consistency, and follow through that gets results. The sooner you understand and accept this the sooner you can focus on execution and getting results instead of searching for the “perfect” workout and nutrition program and then blaming outside factors when you don’t get the results you want.

You have seen your friends achieve the type of results you want so you know it can be done. Maybe it was easier for them then it will be for you and maybe it won’t be. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is having the focus and courage to do what it takes for YOU to get where you want, but that’s a whole other article. Decide to take personal responsibility today for your health and fitness and watch what a difference it makes!

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