Bodybuilding legs supermuscles



WHAT DOES IT WORK? Quadriceps, basically; also femoral and gluteus

SETS & REPS: 2-3 light warming ups, then 4 sets of 8, 4, 10, 10 repetitions

» PATH: After warming up, use a weight that barely let you do 8 repetitions of this multiarticular exercise, and then add 20 kilos on each side. Do 4 repetitions with this load. Take out the added discs to do two more sets. Have a partner at hand to watch you and help you, if necessary, in the forced repetitions.

» START UP: Seat correctly on the back support, resting the back and hips on it. Separate feet at shoulders width, pointing with the toes slightly outwards. Release the lever.

» EXECUTION: Bend the knees to put the platform down until forming a 90 degrees angle. Squeeze through the feet soles to go up to the starting point, without fully extending the legs, exhaling the air then.


WHAT DOES IT WORK? Quadriceps, basically, also gluteus and femorals

SETS & REPS: 1 light warming up, then 3 sets of 10, 10, 12 repetitions.

» PATH: Normal squats on multipower are useful if you don’t want to worry about balancing the weight. This version of the squat on multipower is a little bit complex at the beginning, but it puts more emphasis on quadriceps.

» START UP: Rest the bar on the frontal part of deltoids and the upper pectoral, crossing the arms in front to grab the weight. Keep yourself upright, separating the feet at hips width. Turn the bar to take it out of the supports, an action that may need a partner’s help.

» EXECUTION: Go down controllably until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Go back to the starting point with no bounces neither fully extending the legs, exhaling the air when you get up.



SETS & REPS: 3-4 sets of 12 repetitions, plus descendant sets.

» PATH: This isolation exercise is excellent for working out quadriceps. After reaching the muscular fail on the 12th repetition, cut off 25% of the load and continue with the set. On the last, repeat the descendant set twice.

» START UP: Adjust to your measures the back support and rollers. Seat correctly, resting your back on the back support, the thighs in contact with the seat, knees out of the edge. These must form a 90 degrees angle with the thighs at the beginning of the motion, and the roller must be just on top of the ankles. Grab the lateral handles to increase stability.

» EXECUTION: Stretch the legs, contracting the quadriceps. Hold for one second like this, in the final position. Struggle against the weight in the descendant, and don’t let the plates touch each other. Once you finished 12 repetitions, cut off 25% of the weight and continue until the new muscular fail. Make two downs on the last set.



WHAT DO THEY WORK? Quadriceps, femorals and gluteus

SETS & REPS: 3-4 sets of12 repetitions

» PATH: Scissors on multipower helps keeping the balance and security. Choose weights that allow you to complete 12 repetitions per side.

» START UP: Upright, slightly arching the lower back, with the bar on the shoulders, feet together, in front of the load and the head neutral.

» EXECUTION: Give half a step back, keeping the trunk upright while you bend the leg ahead, and carrying most of the weight. If you go back the correct distance, the rear knee should bend at a 90 degrees angle, and only the toes and the instep will keep contact with the floor. Keeping the load on the front leg, pull from the rear leg until going back to the starting point. Repeat with the opposite side.



WHAT DO THEY WORk? Gluteus and femorals

SETS & REPS: 1 for warming up, then 4 sets of 6, 8, 8, 12 repetitions.

» PATH: Use the multipower to learn the motion, and you will be able to use more weight immediately. Adjust it on each set.

» START UP: Place the bar at thighs height. Use a prone grip, separating the hands just outside the hips. Keep yourself upright with the chest out and shoulder backwards, slightly arching the lower back. Place the feet directly below, separated at hips width. You should have the hips slightly bent.

» EXECUTION: Keep the arms extended and inclined from the hips, pulling from them backwards as the bar slides to the half of the tibias and the body gets closer to the parallel of the floor. Hold on one moment, and then go back to the starting point keeping the back arched and the arms extended, pulling from the hips to the front when we exhale the air.




SETS & REPS: 1 for warming up, then 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

» PATH: We finsh the training doing this femoral isolation exercise. Some partial repetitions are included at the end of certain sets.

» START UP: Adjust the roller so that it rests on the rear part of the ankles. Lie facing down with the knees outside the edge of the bench. Grab the handles to stabilize the body best.

» EXECUTION: Doing a fast powerful move, lift the roller to the gluteus flexing the femorals, exhaling the air up. Hold for one moment in the final position, and go back slowly to the starting point. When you can’t complete more repetitions (about the tenth), do three more partial ones, trying to go up as much as possible.


Press 4 8, 4, 10, 10
Frontal squat on Multipower 3 10, 10, 12
Leg extension 3 12+, 12+, 12+ +
Inverted scissor on Multipower 3 12, 12, 12
Roman deadlift on Multipower 4 6, 8, 8, 12
Femoral curl lying 3 10#, 10#, 10#


*  Excludes warming up sets

^  Choose a weight that allows you to complete precisely the repetitions prescribed. Adjust it on the next ones.

+  Do a descendant set, reducing the load 25% once you reach the muscular fail and continue doing all possible repetitions until a new fail. On the last set, reduce the weight twice.

#  Once you reach the fail on the 10th repetition, do three partial repetitions.

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