Bodybuilding quality quantity

A training style which defines your muscles

Within your efforts to give the 100%, 110% or even the 120% in your trainings, you can consider adding extra forced repetitions, descendant sets, super sets or just add more of them. This attitude of “the more the best” about training can lead you to overtraining, something bad enough to produce no advantages, fill yourself with frustrations and increase the chances of injury.

Once we are willing to improve our shape, it is time to make a short term dramatic change in your training. It is likely you heard about the benefits of making cycles of training, the way they help overcoming the dead points, and keeping motivation high, despite you can also use them to improve your muscularity and correspondent cuts, just as bodybuilders get ready to compete. Joe Weider defines it as the Principle of Quality Training, which is perfect to provide you the best way of your life.

Quality training involves reducing the resting times between sets while trying to make the same or more repetitions than before. Spending less time resting means working out your muscles so that they don’t fully recover before going for the next set.

This training method, despite it does not involve heavy weights (this supposes resting more), provides an immediate congestion and keeps the muscular work within a “high pain” zone.  Definitely, this is not for weak hearted people, and it comprises a technique which will provide you a remarkable muscular definition if you follow this protocol for 4 or 5 weeks before going back to heavy loads and longer resting periods.


These are some guides to get the best from our quality training cycle:

  • Make following sets of and exercise and warm up with light weights before going for the work sets.  Forget the huge weights and the few repetitions; muscularity doesn’t come from doing two repetitions or impossible maximums.  Choose a weight that allows you to complete 8 to 12 repetitions.
  • If you used to rest 90 seconds between sets, now turn down to 60.
  • Try to make the same number of repetitions you made in the previous sets. You have to force yourself to give your utmost.
  • Others high intensity techniques, as forced repetitions and descendant sets, are best done among the last sets of a particular exercise.  If you make them in the first sets, you won’t be able to recover yourself for the next ones. The last sets should be pushed to the limit.
  • Although you should keep up a proper execution style, I have found really useful to speed the repetitions up towards the end of the sets, when tiredness tends to appear. This sort of small cheat allows me to get one or two extra repetitions, but always keeping the control of the load.
  • This technique may be hard with some exhausting exercises as squats, but it is very useful with machines, where the path of the weight is determined by the machines track.
  • Look for congestion, but taking care of not going too far. You may finish overtrained or, even worst, suffering an injury if you get distracted for one second.
  • If the amount of repetitions starts to drastically fail, give yourself some extra seconds for resting between sets or reduce the weight in order to go back to the 8 to 12 repetitions.
  • You will finish your training sooner than usual, but this doesn’t mean a green light to add new exercises. Beginners must not do more than three exercises per muscular group, intermediates more than four and advanced more than five.
  • Think about this training as a change of rhythm when you want to look for something new during a heavy training phase. High intensity work should not be done continuously.

At the end of this cycle, you will see the more defined and resistant your muscles are, although you might have lost some strength, this should not worry you; the new growing phase will lead you beyond your previous highest point if you are capable to properly coordinate all variants. Our ULTRA system will be really useful.

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