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IS the best day of the week, training-wise. Here we set you on the right path in your chest quest with a machine-heavy routine that primes your pectorals for more specialised training down the road. Some things to keep in mind…

>> As a beginner, err on the light side when choosing a weight. If you can’t finish the listed reps, it’s too heavy.

>> As a note for here and throughout the issue, if you see a decreasing rep scheme, pyramid up the weight each set; if the reps are the same set to set, choose one challenging weight and use it

Smith-Machine Incline Press 3 15, 12, 10
Decline Barbell Press* 3 15, 12, 10
Machine Pullover 2 10
Pec-Deck Flye 2 10
Push-Up 2 10
Parallel-Bar Dip 2 10
On your first and last exercise, switch back and forth between the two listed options, workout to workout.


decline-barbell DECLINE BARBELL PRESS START: Lie back on a bench set to about a 30–40 degree decline. Grasp the barbell with an overhand, slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. Lift the bar from the supports and hold it over your lower chest, arms extended. MOVE: Lower the barbell to your chest, touching down to your lower pecs lightly before pushing the bar back up to full extension.


SMITH-MACHINE INCLINE PRESS START: Position yourself on an incline bench (about 45 degrees) so that the bar touches the top of your chest just below your collarbone. Once your position is set, get up and load the bar, then lie back onto the bench and grasp the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. MOVE: Press the bar straight up, stopping just short of elbow lockout. (Feel your pecs contract to bring your arms up above your torso.) Pause at the top and lower the bar under control to your upper chest. machine-smith-incline-barbell

MACHINE PULLOVER START: Sit in a pullover machine, grasping the handles with both hands while placing your elbows against the elbow pads. MOVE: Bring the handles down in front of your torso, pause for a moment, then return back to the start under full control. To keep your pecs active, put more emphasis on pushing the bar down with your hands, rather than leading with your elbows pressing against the pads. In addition, actively flex your entire chest as you pull the bar down; using this “flexing” technique on all your chest exercises will help you develop the mind/muscle link that in time gives you pinpoint


PEC-DECK FLYE START: Sit in a pec-deck station, placing your elbows and forearms on the pads. For best results, position your arms so that your elbows fall just below your shoulders, and limit the stretch to just behind your chest. MOVE: Squeeze your pecs to bring the pads together in front of your chest. Flex your chest hard at the moment in the exercise when your elbows are together and always lower the weight under strict control. Don’t bounce. pec-deck-flye


push-up PUSH-UP START: The traditional “drop-and-give-me- 50” push-up is done with a flat back and hands just outside your shoulders (on steps or the floor). MOVE: Press to full extension, keeping your elbows pointing out, and lower under control. Don’t sag in the middle.


PARALLELBAR DIP START: Grasp the bars with your arms extended and locked. Lean forward, bend your knees and cross your legs. MOVE: Keep your elbows out to your sides as you lower yourself down, dropping until your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. Squeezing your palms toward each other in an isometric fashion, begin pressing back up until your arms are again fully extended. Be sure to keep leaning forward or the exercise focus will shift more to your parallel-bar-dip
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