Bodybuilding workout women lower body

Looking for a fun way to tone and trim your lower body? Try this lower body circuit with a training partner to tighten up and lean out all in one workout.

Rest 3 minutes * Repeat exercises #1-5 * Repeat this circuit 2-3 times.

The circuit consist of a 5 exercise sequence. Rest 30 seconds between exercises. Perform each exercises with strict and controlled form

women lower body Reverse lunges from a step(s) with 5-10lb dumbbell curls.

>> Start on top the step(s) lunging back with the right leg for 10 reps while curling dumbbells.

>> Repeat on left side.


Side squat off step(s) while holding same dumbbells used for # 1

>> Start on top of the step(s) squatting off the step with the right foot for 10 reps while holding dumbbells center.

>> Repeat on left side.

women exercise
 body lower One minute step up/downs
>> Stand on your step.
>> Step down right foot, left foot.
>> Step up right foot, left foot.
>> Repeat for one full minute.
One leg squat on steps (or bench)
>>Begin in a sitting position on steps or bench.
>> Holding one leg off the ground, come to a standing position.
>> Slowly lower yourself back down slightly touching the steps/bench.
>> Repeat 10 times on each leg.
>> Holding your arms shoulder height in front of you will help you balance.
women-fitness Standing alternating lunges (not shown)
>> Start with feet together.
 Lunge forward with right foot keeping weight centered, push back to starting position. >> Alternate right and left.
>> Repeat 10 times.
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    Bodybuilding workout women lower body

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